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Sepidan Osareh Co. (IranLicorice.com): Producer & Exporter of the Best Quality Licorice Products (Licorice Powder, Blocks, Liquid, Nuggets ,Granules & more) to all over the World.

Sepidan Osareh Co.

We are one of the biggest producers and exporters of licorice products in the world.

Our company is a very reliable source of supplying licorice powder, blocks and paste. Our production capabilities are 20 metric tons of either blocks or powder per day. We are also able to produce any combination of each up to the mentioned 20 metric tons each day.

Our modern production facilities can supply you with premium grade products in accordance with your required and requested specification.

As a supplier we feel responsibility both socially and environmentally, and we are dedicated to satisfy our customers’ needs and concerns. As a matter of facts we welcome buyers to audit our factory and we would gladly adopt to the potential buyers guidelines and specifications upon signing contracts.

We offer excellent quality with competitive market prices, having a long history of exporting to Europe such as Germany, Italy and Denmark, Asian, Latin America and other parts of the world.

Our state of art laboratories, HPLC analysis and testing insure the quality, safety and goodness of all our products.

Please, feel free to let us know if you require any further information.

Any Licorice Products you require we can produce.

We Produce Licorice and we Export to all over the world.Export_Licorice_To_World

Experience , Skills, Best Machinery Systems , 24hrs 7 Day Without stopping. Online Control , Every Day Analysis.

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